20 October 2010

Alexander Gardner (1821-1882)

Alexander Gardner
The home of a Rebel Sharpshooter, Gettysburg

Alexander Gardner
 Dead Confederate sharpshooter at the foot of Round Top. 
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, July 1863.
Alexander Gardner.
Richmond, Virginia. "Ruins of Gallego Mills." April 1865

The Lincoln Conspirators, 1865

Alexander Gardner, Lincoln 1865


Christy Lynn said...

I'm curious if these photos have been edited. I've seen various other versions of these pictures and they are not quite as "clear" as these appear to be. Although they do appear more "real," I feel it's a bit misleading to portray historical photographs with enhancements - especially without noting that they have been modified. If you are not aware of any edits, you may want to check your sources. Thanks!

Marcelo Guimaraes Lima. PhD said...

Well, Christy, I could say that not one of those "historical" pictures that appear here(or in any other site) is the "real" thing: they are all "jpegs", that is, digital files. To determine "misleading enhancements" it would be necessary to compare each of the files with the original works. In the case of photography, a multiple form, the question of the "original" photograph, print, version, etc may be a somewhat less clear matter than normally assumed. In the digital era this gets even more complicated, as we face multiple "translations" of a medium into another.
Thanks for your comment.