16 October 2010

The Daguerreotype Panorama

Cincinnati Waterfront Panorama Daguerreotype, taken by Charles Fontayne and William S. Porter in 1848

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A zoom illustrating the extraordinary level of detail in a daguerreotype

This is plate 4 of the Cincinnati Waterfront Panorama Daguerreotype consisting of 8 plates, taken by Charles Fontayne and William S. Porter in 1848. The plate, property of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton Counties, was imaged in tiles using a stereomicroscope (Zeiss StereoDiscovery.V12) at George Eastman House International Museum of Photography & Film, Kay Whitmore Conservation Center, in Rochester, NY

source:  YouTube 

links: http://www.cincinnatilibrary.org/main/rb.asp#daguerreotype

Porter, William Southgate
American (1822-1889)

  Fairmount waterworks
36.7 x 99.8 cm.,
(8 whole plates assembled in original mo

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